A Lesson On The Horizon

As I drove along the country lane leaving the salty smell of the seaweed strewn beach behind us a lone figure on the horizon caught my eye. The sun was still low in the sky and for a moment I thought maybe the movement on the mountain ahead had been a trick of the light.20170711_201909.jpgI pulled the car to the side of the road, rolled down the windows to allow my dog Lily to sniff the air excitedly. I laughed at her antics and her big black sandy nose working overtime as the smell of the strand and surrounding countryside gave her plenty to be inquisitive about. Stepping out of the car I stood on the bank and surveyed the mountain.

20170602_193630Suddenly I saw what had caught my eye. Strolling across the fields was an elderly man, hands clasped casually behind his back as he surveyed his land. Occasionally he would stop and look out at the sea and the magnificence of the sunset but most of the time he just seemed to enjoy the walk itself and the wonder of nature around him.

It seemed in a world of speed and busyness and a constant ebb and flow of people, there are still those among us who enjoy the solitude, the snatched moments of absorbing nature and allowing time to slow down and find us and to find ourselves.